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Scott RoseExecutive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.
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Noah LiebermanExecutive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.
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Andrea Lambrecht Executive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.
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Stephanie KollaschExecutive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.
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Jen RoseAdministrator at Winston Dunn Inc.
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Ron LiebermanFounder at Winston Dunn Inc.
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Scott Rose Executive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.

Scott brings to Winston Dunn, Inc. a background of Portfolio Management and Acquisitions.

Prior to this Scott worked with FB Venture Capital managing their acquisitions and mergers. Then with CBS Outdoor Managing their Real Estate portfolio.

Scott served the Fort Lauderdale Board as the Chairman of the Grievance committee and Ethics Trainer.

He was involved with National Little League and continued to coach Baseball for 19 seasons thereafter.

Scott grew up and continues to live in South Florida where he has been married for 30 years and has two great sons.

Noah Executive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.

Noah Lieberman has been a full time Executive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn since May 2016. He studied at Michigan State University and found his passion for meeting new people and learning their stories through his degree in Journalism. Outside of work, he enjoys to golf poorly and enjoy a cold beer while doing so. Noah has an open line of communication, so feel free to call him whenever you are in need!

Andrea Lambrecht Executive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.

Andrea Lambrecht joined Winston Dunn in 2022. She has her Bachelor’s in Natural Science and prior to Winston Dunn she worked in Nuclear Medicine.

Andrea is originally from Madrid, Spain and bilingual in both English and Spanish. She is passionate about helping people achieve greater levels of success by introducing them to future opportunities.

Andrea lives in Pinehurst, NC and enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids, and two dogs.

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” – Alan Cohen

Stephanie Kollasch Executive Search Consultant at Winston Dunn Inc.

Born and raised in southern MN, Stephanie exudes a Midwestern worth ethic. A three-season athlete, full-time student, and part-time server at a diner – she managed to graduate from high school with honors. She went on to be the first college graduate in her family and graduated from Winona State University with a degree in psychology in 2013. After graduating college, Stephanie began her career in B2B sales. In 2020, she finally found her calling – Recruiting. She specializes in the insurance industry. Speaking with many candidates and decision-makers in the industry, Stephanie is your eyes and ears of what’s trending.

In her free time, she enjoys weight lifting, rock climbing, gardening, and just enjoying time with her family: her fiancé, Joe; their three cats, Paul, Pepe, and Trike (Trike has three legs), and their adopted senior dog, Ninja.

Jen Rose Administrator at Winston Dunn Inc.

Jen joined Winston Dunn Inc. in 2015 as an administrative assistant. Prior to joining the team, she worked for a property management company.

Born and raised in New Jersey but has been a Florida resident for 30 years now. Jen has been married for 30 years with 2 wonderful sons and a Golden Retriever named Bailey.

Ron Lieberman Founder at Winston Dunn Inc.

Ron Lieberman is the founding partner of Winston Dunn, Inc and is recognized throughout the insurance industry for his exceptional skills in evaluating professional talent coupled with his intense understanding of the complexities of insurance industry trends.

Leaders in the industry have consistently relied on Ron’s advice and expertise to grow their firms. Before creating Winston Dunn in 2010, Ron built and orchestrated his former venture, Global Recruiting, from start-up to a multi-million-dollar success in thirteen years.

Ron leads from the front and has been proven to be one of the industry’s premier trainers. Under his guidance, Winston Dunn is becoming the nation’s leading provider of exceptional talent within the insurance industry.

As a Michigan State Alumni, husband and father of four boys, high school ice hockey coach, youth football coach, member of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, and author of the book HIRED, Ron has always had a thirst and passion for leading and growing on both personal and professional levels.

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