Executive Search

Executive Search

At Winston Dunn, we partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve even significant growth issues. Our clients look to us for advice that is honest, objective, thoughtful, and rich with experience. We are in the business of clarity.

As recruiters, we gather truthful information from the insurance clients and potential candidates. Once that information has been distilled, it is our role to accurately and clearly explain all the details to both parties to make the best decision. We see it as our job to discover whatever similarities and differences exist and share that knowledge with you so that you can make decisions for the best possible match.

With deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities within the insurance industry, we are confident that our consultants will help you win the “war for exceptional talent.” We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to client services. We take our role seriously to aid you in creating long-term, sustainable growth.

For Clients

Understanding your value proposition enables us to share your company’s unique qualities with the insurance industry’s elite talent. Ideally, we would like to present to you only those candidates that you feel would provide value as well as be a strong cultural fit for your firm. The majority of our work is typically handled in a contingency relationship with our client. However, retained services are available to you upon request.

Executive Search For Clients:

Contingency is the most popular search method in the United States. We don’t get paid unless you hire a candidate that one of our consultants presents to you. We first gain a deep understanding of your company by engaging in meaningful dialogue with you. We take the time to listen and ask specific questions about your culture, leadership, systems, and vision. We are truly new business hunters and make targeted cold calls daily. Our consultants are in communication with both the client and the candidate. The candidates we present to you will possess the criteria you request.

Executive Search For
Clients: Retained

We offer retained services at contingency speed. Payment terms are one-third upon engagement; the balance is performance-based and paid on the start date.

We assist our insurance clients with shortlisted qualified candidates through an efficient hiring and selection process. We will not fill your box with a ton of resumes. We know that what you want is simply to choose from a small group of quality candidates. Other recruiters might not be sure what you want, so you interview numerous people. When you retain Winston Dunn, you will be saved from the madness of sifting through a multitude of resumes from a variety of search firms. We will save you time. We will conduct a collaborated needs analysis with you about your company and the potential opportunity upon engagement.

Once we come to an agreement on the needs analysis, we will then provide you with a timetable of all tasks to be performed. These tasks include listing all companies targeted for the search, a date that you can expect three to five qualified candidates, references from the candidates, and interview dates available. We will also provide you with a weekly activity report.

The internet provides fast access to bad candidates. Recruiting provides slow access to great candidates. Very few recruiters know how to make passive candidates move. We are better at this than our competition. Generation X candidates control the market and will almost always tell you that they are not looking but to let them know if you get something better. As search consultants specializing exclusively in the mergers and acquisitions insurance industry, we are trained to discover a passive candidate’s “career wound.” By truly understanding your company’s unique culture, spirit, and philosophy, we can share your enthusiasm with potential candidates working for your strongest competitors.

Search firms can become public relations arms for the company they work with. With Winston Dunn, there are no marketplace rumors. We can either keep the information confidential or only release the information you want out in the market.

Once an offer is extended and the candidate accepts, we will then conduct the transition component of the retained search. The consultants at Winston Dunn will stay in contact with the candidate when they give notice and until 90 days of employment with the hiring company.

Executive Search For
Insurance Candidates:

The consultants at Winston Dunn Inc. approach the placing of candidates in a slightly different manner than most recruiting firms. Most of our placements are created because of the outstanding candidates who we work with. We chose to work with insurance professionals who in our opinion will significantly enhance our client’s work environment and profitability. It is common for the candidates who we represent to often create their own job with our clients.

We achieve our success because we take the time to listen to you. We truly want to understand the value that you will bring to our clients. It is equally important for us to gain an understanding of the type of culture and structure that you seek in a new company. It is our goal to introduce you to leaders of companies who can provide you with an environment that will enable you to succeed at your highest level. Throughout the process our services to you are free and confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions for Candidates

How do I get around my non-compete?

Competing firms will want you to honor your non-compete however some producers may have a clause that will enable another agency to purchase the book at an agreed upon price. A new agency typically will be interested in you as a producer because they believe you will be able to maintain and enhance your knew business production with their agency and thus will be comfortable paying you a guaranteed compensation until you have built your new book.

Why would a top preforming producer move to another firm?

There are a number of reasons as to why some of the industry’s premier talent will consider a move to another company. Those reason include ( the ability to spend more time producing, better support, equity in their book or agency, a better culture, specific markets or unique/exclusive programs, stronger payout on new or renewal business, opportunity to cross sell of existing accounts, a better defined lead source, resources to prospect for and win larger accounts, their company was recently acquired or change in management structure, platform which will enable them to be a regional or national niche practice leader, not happy with direction of current firm, different geographic location and less internal competition.)